User Manual For Website Editors and Administrators

Image and Video Uploads

To ensure a proper usage of images, videos across the web page, each single uploaded file must be combined with an Entry of one of these specific Content Types:

  • Image

  • Video

  • For embedding an image or video into a website page, you must reference an Entry of the appropriate Content Type. It is not possible to directly include them into a web page.

In the mentioned Content Types, there are some fields for additional information related to the uploaded file. In case of images and videos, this is required information regarding copyright, usage right etc.

1. How to upload new images and videos

In the following description, we will concentrate on images. Uploading and embedding videos follow the same steps. The maintenance of documents will be described in a separate section of the manual.



Step 1: Create an Entry

Select the Content Type “Image” or “Video” from the list of Content Types and click “+ New Entry” at the top right. In the form that opens, please provide

  • An internal name

In case of “Image” this title will be used as alt tag!

Step 2: Provide important image information

  • Description (optional)

  • Copyright (required)

  • Usage information (required)

Step 3: Add the File

In the Entry form, click “Upload new file” to select the image from your local computer and to upload it.

If you have already uploaded the file directly to the Assets library, click “Choose from uploads”.

Step 4: Define Visibility

If you want to show the image on the website, please always use “All website users”.

Step 5: Save the Entry

After completing the entry, you can save the Entry.

Now, you can reference the Entry in a Content Block or wherever needed.


2. How to change an image or video

Basically, there may be two reasons why an image (or a video) must be changed.

Case 1 - change an image only for a specific Web Page / Content Block

The image is the wrong one for the specific webpage, it belongs to another page. → The image has to be kept and the connected Content Type Entry should not be changed.

  1. Select in the Content Type where the image has been embedded (e.g. in Content Blocks) another Entry of “Image” or create a new one.
    → Click the cross icon at the right of the reference and click either “Choose an existing entry” or “Create a new entry”.

  2. Leave the Entry of “Image” that has been referenced before unchanged.

Case 2 - change an image in all places

The image itself is wrong, maybe a preliminary version. → The image should not be used in any page and should be updated in all places.

  1. Open the Entry in “Image” with the wrong image file and change the file.
    Click the edit icon at the right of the reference. The detail view of the asset opens in the Assets library. In here, click “change file”.

  2. (optional) To keep Assets clean, search for the misleading file in Assets and delete it.


These steps apply identical to “Videos”.